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Museum-Cinema: Cinematic Fridays at the Museum / Olafur Eliasson: Miracles of Rare Device, 2019 / In collaboration with the EPOS Festival

The Museum is pleased to offer its visitors extra-cultural Fridays! Every Friday, the finest films on art and culture will be screened, after a short lecture by the Museum’s curators.

This is a collaborative initiative between the Museum and EPOS International Art Film Festival, which offers film lovers captivating and thought-provoking films from around the world, alongside visits to exhibitions by leading artists from Israel and abroad.

Admission to the Museum’s exhibitions is included in the film ticket, during the Museum’s opening hours.

Paula Rego: Secrets & Stories, 2017 | Dir. Nick Willing, UK, 92 min, English, Hebrew subtitles
Introductory lecture: Shahar Molcho, Curator of Contemporary Art

When Paula Rego began her journey, few recognized her talents. Born in Portugal, she pursued art studies in London, where she met her husband, Victor Willing, a renowned artist in his own right. The film is portrayed from Rego’s perspective, outlining the intricate story of her life—from a childhood in poverty and anonymity, through a stormy relationship with the man she loved, who cheated on her and was cheated on by her, to the present day.

It is the journey of a courageous, determined and eccentric artist, who defended her artistic path with boundless dedication. Today, Rego’s expressive (and sometimes unsettling) paintings are exhibited in the most important museums, while at auctions they are sold at astronomical prices. In her old age, Rego is happy to live comfortably. The film’s director is her son, who is highly attentive to his mother and skillful at conveying her complexities and her journey to contentment.

Trailer Paula Rego: Secrets & Stories >

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