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Museum-Cinema: Cinematic Fridays at the Museum / Angelica, 2019

The Museum is pleased to offer its visitors extra-cultural Fridays! Every Friday, the finest films on art and culture will be screened, after a short lecture by the Museum’s curators.

Admission to the Museum’s exhibitions is included in the film ticket, during the Museum’s opening hours.

Angelica, 2019 | Dir. Dan Peer, Israel, 75 min, Hebrew with Hebrew subtitles
Introductory lecture: Dir. Dan Peer

Boris Schatz founded one of the most important artistic institutions in Israel—the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. He also left behind numerous significant works of art. But he ended his life while trying to raise money for Bezalel, which was on the verge of collapse, without reaping the fruits of his labor. In addition, he left behind a chapter that was almost expunged from his biography: his daughter from his first marriage, Angelica.

Angelica grew up to become a famous painter and sculptor in Europe. But in Israel no one knew of her existence—even though she immigrated here as an adult, started a family, and lived here until her death. Forgotten letters and beautiful paintings discovered in an attic reveal the life story of a woman who, despite her talent, was pushed away from the family legacy and had her name erased from history. Through the fascinating restoration of her paintings (which had suffered damage over time) and the staging of the first retrospective exhibition of her works at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Angelica Schatz finally receives her rightful place in the local art history.

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