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Theatre of Animals

Welcome to The Theatre of Animals exhibition.

The world of theater, as we know it today, was born thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece. The word theater originates from the Greek word theasthai, which means ‘behold.’ Indeed, the play, the actors, the director, and the set are very important, but without the audience – the show does not exist. Unlike in a film or a television series, the actors in the play feel the audience watching them at every moment and react to them.

In the past, many people saw the nature surrounding them as a kind of theater performance. They believed that God wrote a play, that animals and plants were the actors performing it for us humans, and that our role was to watch the performance and enjoy it.

At the exhibition, the animals are the actors, and you are invited to relax in our “theater,” look at the artworks like you are watching plays, and think about your own role: Are you just watching, or are you also helping write the play, direct it, and set up the stage?

Supported by the British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel

Supported by the British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel

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