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The Building: 50 Years

The exhibition “The Building: 50 Years” returns to the period during which the main building of the Tel Aviv Museum of art was established. It explores the proposals submitted to the competition for planning the museum building, the competition for its branding by means of a new logo, and the exhibitions featured in the museum at the time of its inauguration in 1971.

The winning proposal to plan the museum building was the one submitted by the architects Dan Eytan and Yitzhak Yashar, and the building they created promoted the transformation of the Tel Aviv Museum into a museal institution conforming to international standards. Beyond its concern with the history of the building, this exhibition sheds light on its architectural values by offering a tour of its physical spaces. Eleven highlights throughout the main building represent several of the architectural and museal approaches that guided its planning, and are accompanied by a leaflet elaborating on each of these key points.

Please note opening hours: Tuesday–Thursday 12:00-16:00, Friday 10:00-14:00, Saturday 10:00-18:00

Supported by the Azrieli Foundation

Supported by the Azrieli Foundation

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