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Event in honor of the exhibition book, Shalom Sebba: As a Matter of Fact

Encouter with the authors of the articles: Naama Bar-Or, curator of the exhibition; Dr. Olga Levitan; Dr. Doron J. Lurie; David Pikielny; Dr. Galia Bar Or, editor of the book and discussion moderator

For decades, the mystery of the life and work of the gifted artist Shalom Sebba (1897–1975) has confounded the art world in Israel. Sebba was a painter and stage- and set-designer, a photographer, a master craftsman in metal etching, an illustrator and graphic designer, who also collaborated with architects in artistic projects in the public sphere. And although his name has been almost forgotten by the general public, he is cherished by artists and his works have not been discarded. They have been gathered by collectors, displayed in group exhibitions, and displayed at a solo exhibition in 1994.

The book accompanying the exhibition, edited by Dr. Galia Bar Or and published by Tel Aviv Museum of Art, sheds light on unexplored aspects of Sebba’s output, and features many additional works to those on view at the exhibition. The discussion will focus on the new research presented in the book, and on the enigma of Sebba’s artistic biography.

6:30 pm Gathering at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Library
6:30–7:45 pm Discussion with the authors of the articles
7:45–8:30 pm Guided tour of the exhibition Shalom Sebba: As a Matter of Fact, led by the exhibition’s curator, Naama Bar-Or

The book is published thanks to the kind support of Daniela and Yossi Lipschitz. Additional support has been provided by the Nata Dushnitsky-Kaplan Foundation[EA1] ; Ann and Ari Rosenblatt; Itamar Pikielny, Amon Yariv; and Yaacov Kestenbaum

Special thanks to Dr. Galia Bar Or, editor of the book; David Pikielny; Itamar Pikielny; Yossi Lipschitz; and Dr. Doron Lurie

Note: This event is in Hebrew only.
The number of participants is limited | Advance reservations are required for all participants.

The event takes place near a secure space.