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Encounter at the exhibition Alberto Giacometti: Beginning, Again (Hebrew)

5/10 — Encounter with the exhibition curator, Ronili Lustig Steinmetz
7/9, 14/9 — Encounter with the assistant curator, Nathalie Andrijasevic
21/9 —
Guided tour at the exhibition led by educators (in Hebrew)

The inaugural exhibition of the Eyal Ofer Pavilion
The exhibition Alberto Giacometti: Beginning, Again presents, for the first time in Israel, a comprehensive selection of works by Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966), one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.
Giacometti is best known for the body of work he created after World War II, primarily sculptures of universal, timeless figures: standing women, walking men, and expressive busts, conveying a distinct emotional quality. His lanky figures, alienated and consumed by anxiety, became icons of the postwar period, as an embodiment of the soul-searching and horror that typified it. The exhibition follows the development of Giacometti's work, his study of the human figure, and his repeated attempts to capture his experience of seeing, what he called "rendering my vision."

Spaces are limited.