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Encounter at the exhibition Tigist Yoseph Ron: The White Paper is Black Within (Hebrew)

Encouter with the artist and the curator Emanuela Calò

Tigist Yoseph Ron, recipient of the 2019 Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative-Realist Art.

Tigist Yoseph Ron’s expressive charcoal drawings depict portraits, events, and impressions from the Atlit Absorption Center, where she stayed with her family after immigrating to Israel in Operation Moses in 1984. Yoseph Ron engages with questions of identity and self-determination through an exploration of her relationship with her mother, who died when she was sixteen years old, and against the backdrop of the crisis of immigration from Ethiopia to Israel. Her engagement with the difficulties of integration into a new society and the price it entails also illuminates the stereotypes that inform the social attitude toward others.

*Spaces are limited*

Participation in the encounter includes entrance ticket to the Museum